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About SFC

SFC was founded in August 2014 by fuel and engine technology specialist Knut Skaardalsmo. He holds a Masters degree in Mechanical engineering and is one of the leading experts in Scandinavia within these diciplines

The purpose / business idea for SFC is to assist fuel suppliers and other relevant companies with technical expertise within fuels and engines, including optimization of additive use. SFC is an independent consulting company with unique expertise in these areas and has in-depth knowledge of the issues, challenges and opportunities a player in the fuel market or fuel consumer encounter in everyday life.

Bio- and renewable fuels provide both opportunities and constraints. Choosing the right fuel and/or specific fuel components can be critical to success both technically and financially. It is encouraging that many are concerned about the environment, but unfortunately there are very few who have knowledge on the implications a given fuel has on local air quality and global climate. SFC’s unique expertise in fuel and engine technology, exhaust aftertreatment equipment and additives can help to find an optimal solution.

There are several providers of "miracle cures and magic" solutions. At SFC you get counseling and solutions based on 25 years of experience in fuel and engine technologies.


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